Friday, April 10, 2015

How to dye burlap-a tutorial

Happy Friday!! The sun is shining and I hear robins singing!
So it's really no secret that I love to dye burlap! I use the liquid rit dye and it's so easy!
You can make any color you want! 
Today I'm going to make coral. I simply did this in a washtub in my craft room. 
I used Ivory burlap to start. 
Mix 1 tablespoon of tangerine and 1/2 tablespoon of scarlet into hot water. Remember, the more water you add the lighter the the color will be. 
Add your burlap, and let soak. Stir it around a bit and continue to check the color often. The longer it soaks the darker it will get! 
Once you have your desired color remove from the water and wring it out well. Depending on how much color you have added you may want to wear gloves so you don't stain your hands! 
The color will get lighter as it dries. I did 3 different shades. I used the same batch of dye, I just added a little more color to deepen the shade. 
Now is the toughest part, waiting for it to dry!!
 I have this awesome metal shoe rack from Amazon that works great to dry fabric in front of my fireplace! 
Here are the 3 colors all dry. So yummy! 
Now you're set to create your fun project! 
I made flowers for a pillow!
Now you have the entire weekend to go & play with some Rit dye and burlap!!
Have fun! 

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