Saturday, December 5, 2009

Owls anyone?

It is really no secret that I have developed a thing for owls this year! They are so cute and I just love them! Well recently a friend asked me about an Owl made from a sweater that I had purchased, but she thought I had made him, then she challenged me by asking me if I wouldn't be able to make them...really, that was all I needed, I made 10 and sold every one at my sale!!!! I will be making more and hope to have them posted to my ETSY store by Monday at the latest! They are so fun, they are made from, yup, you guessed it, recycled coffee bean bags, and recycled sweaters! I will take special orders for colors, so if you must have one of these cute little guys, just ask, and I would be glad to make one for you, I sell them for $10 each!


Stephanie Lynn said...

So stinkin' CUTE!!!! Happy Holidays!

snowman hill said...

Mine is front and center, his name is Chuck and he and "Charlie" have become quite close overnight. Charlie was telling Chuck how his twin brother is in in the mail and on his way to Duluth! What a funny story it was! Boy am I a DORK! I love your snow too!
Keep on sewing woman! ;)

Its So Very Cheri said...

Those are cute little guys.

Thanks for linking to the party.
I will click to follow and add you to my subscriptions if you have that feature on your blog.


Anonymous said...

Those little owls are just the cutest.

Greenearth said...

Love those little owls.

Lisa said...

Those are SOOOOO Cute!


Denise said...

Quite clever you are! :)

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello ~I've just strolled in for my first visit...I've enjoyed taking a peek at your past posts. You've got so many wonderful ideas. Your blog is so beautifully inviting.
We share similar taste for so many of the same creative design elements.

As fall came to a close I looked forward to winter (that's fast approaching), bringing a festive inspiration for a few DIY decorations and gifts, with a little baking in between.
Don't you love the aroma that fills the air during this season?
My cat also appreciates the evergreens and an occasional ping pong toss of my (newly created and not yet dried) ornaments...

I've bookmarked you in my favs.
I look forward to coming by your charming blog again.
Come by for a visit. Your company would be nice.

Sweet holiday wishes,

Cindy said...

Well how cute are these???? No wonder you sold them so quickly!

Thanks for sharing them with Mi4M :)

Kari @ Ucreate said...

These are some of the cutest owls I've ever seen!! SOOO ADORABLE!