Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lots of fun office projects!

Our family office started to become a room full of clutter. It has never been decorated and has just been a junk collector. Not anymore! I decided to fix it up, but the deal was I could only spend money on paint for accenting.
See, lots of clutter, can you tell how much that tredmill gets used? That bin has been sitting on it for months!

Clearly, after sitting in this chair, I should be getting on the tredmill sooner, rather than later. This chair was a dump find, that I thought was in good condition, until I sat in it. The one thing I thought I wasn't going to have to re-do! So I got out some of my coffee bean bag scraps, and some grommets to make a new seat and chair back.
I love how it turned out! I had no real plan for this room, I knew I wanted to accent with green. But after the burlap chair, I knew what direction I was heading!

Burlap & Birds could be the theme of this room! I used this old shoe bag to organize and sort bills, I still need to add labels to each pouch. I wish each pouch was empty!

This bird was one of my dollar tree finds, I just spray painted her green to match the rest of the room! I pulled out my "spring" bin to get my bird nests. Now they have a place to stay all year round!
I had nothing hanging on the walls before. I need some free art, so sticking with my bird and burlap theme, I used some scrap wood from the garage and made a frame, them stretched the burlap around and stapled to the back! Instant art!!

This is the kids little area! Finally a place for all their school work, calendars, and backpacks. no more hunting for everything Monday morning! I used chalkboard paint on the wall, once dry I pained a frame around the chalk board, and then added ribbon for fun detail. I screwed an old soup can that I put paper around to hold the chalk. I also thing I need a picture of Dr McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsy, hanging by that old street sign...

This is where the back packs and school work can go. I added clips to the top to display their latest creations! The bins were black, but I spray painted them with my green apple rustoleum spray paint! I used my cricut to cut out the letters of the alphabet, but it needed something on each end, so I went searching for some inspiration, and found some over at The Fickle Pickle, these owls were just what I needed! mine were all made from scraps of scrapbooking paper. I sewed around the edges to give them a more finished look.

This little clock was my last project. I had the perfect place for it, but the pink just didn't go. So you guessed it, I spray painted it! The I added some paper polka dots with mod podge! So simple, and it looks like a whole new clock!
A brand new look all for under $20! Stay tuned this week to see the new work room that I created!
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