Thursday, January 14, 2010

The "Monica" turned Workroom

So I had this closet, it was supposed to be the storage room for all my holiday bins, and quickly it was re-named "The Monica". Any Friends fanatics out there?? Then you know what I am talking about.Now it would not be fair if I did not tell you that this closet had be re-organized before I had taken this photo...and then I took it apart 2 days later. Great Planning huh! Over the holiday break, I wanted to do some projects, but the high here that week was oh about -2, and that was on a good day. So I had no where to go work, my garage is not heated. So the next step was to find a place in the house that I could turn into a work room.
The most logical place was "The Monica". It was big enough, the carpet on the floor was just a remnant and the walls were not painted. So I cleaned out the Monica, it is truly amazing how much stuff you can get rid of when you need to! I hauled in a table to work on, the hubbs put up a shelf for all my paint, and I mounted an old piece of peg board to hang all my tools.

It is almost perfect! Except there is about 0 ventilation, so only small projects for now! We need to get that figured out!
Funky Junk's Workshop Series

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