Monday, January 18, 2010

Thrifty Valentine Decor

Normally I do not decorate for valentines day, but my kids asked me to this year, so I thought I would see what I could do with what I already had around the house. I did go an buy a couple of things, but did not spend more that $8. I can live with that! The picture frames above came from the dollar store, I got a great idea from the ladies over at Shanty 2 Chic, and this was what I made. i will share my "how to" later in the week! A very fun, easy and inexpensive project!

I love to change out this shelf for each season, so I needed to LOVE it up a bit. I made the wreath, and then really just changed out some ribbon on things to match, and there you have it, instant valentine decor!
I have had these hearts in my craft supplies forever, so I just tossed them into a little bird nest I had laying around!
This wreath was made from a round floral foam, and fake carnations. I added some ribbon just to give it a splash of color!
I just love this tree and am so glad that my SIL convinced me to buy it last year! I change it out all the time. I bought these little hearts at Micheal's for like 2 bucks! They are perfect!
Here is a candle I had made for Christmas, so I just changed out the ribbon and added a little key that says love.
My favorite, wood blocks that I just cut, paint and stencil! Then I roughed them up a bit added some glaze, and a clear coat to seal them.
I fell in love with these birds when I first saw them over at Funky Junk, she was featuring Denise from Living Life Creatively, and Denise was kind enough to share her pattern with me, I added a few of my own little touches, and I just adore him! Now Denise did warn me that it was tough to get him to stand, you need to place the feet just right, and that is why my bird decided to sit, I couldn't get him to stand for nothing!

Thanks for stopping by! Now go create some of your own thrifty love!


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