Sunday, January 31, 2010

Making use of your unused space

I don't know if it is a case of spring fever, or nesting before my upcoming knee surgery, maybe a little of both, but today I was just doing some plain old house cleaning, and started cleaning out Zach closet & got rid of the clothes that he has out grown and that turned into all of the upstairs closets, and laundry room. We got rid of a ton of junk! Then I thought today would be a great day to get that window seat done that I have been thinking about! This is where our old front door was, and when we put on the addition to our house it became this little nook, ok, now it's a nook, before it was a bit of a junk room with no real purpose!
Mike built the seat for me, I just give him "my vision" and he gets to work! We used an old door, just cut it to fit in the space that was already there. he used the edge that he cut off as the front. I made the cushion & pillows with some fabric that I had in my little "stash". My first attempt at a square edged cushion, and it didn't turn out too bad! I then decided that the cabinet in there needed a fresh coat of paint and glaze! I sprayed the hardware with some paint, and then painted all the accents in the room to match. Most of what I had in there was oak, and that is just not the look I am really going for. I love spray paint!
I made this sweet little bird, added some pinecones from around the house and this shelf finally looks cute!

This is the back side of my french doors I re-did last month! As you can see my boys are enjoying them!

All the frames are from the dollar store, I bought them a while ago. I just gave the a coat of paint and glaze!

Now take a good look at these cabinets and just think of an entire kitchen like this...It's gonna happen, soon! :)
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