Friday, March 5, 2010

Are you ready for this?

So do you remember the big TV? Well, here it is, in it's new home! It got moved dowstairs and I had the perfect size table to put it on! Here is my room reveal, we will begin with the down stairs since we are already there! Here is a before : 
and the afters:
This also got moved downstairs, I made it months ago and never really had a good place for it, I love this table and so glad I now have a more centralized space for it! (See that magazine in my basket-Flea Market Style, Love it! Go buy one today so they can continue publishing:)

Now it is time to go Upstairs! 

Don't panic, this is a BEFORE picture. I decided that the bear/moose theme was no longer for me, it just doesn't fit with my current style. So I painted this bookcase, and added some new & some old but re-vamped decor so it now looks like this

 Can you even stand it!?! What a difference! 
Remember where the old entertainment center was? Here is a refresher:
and here is the new look of this room

Another before

And After
these theater seats will get some pillows soon!
I LOVE the new look of this room! I feel like it finally works, we put on an addition 3 years ago, and I have never really liked the layout of this upstairs room, until now! Almost everything is from what I already had, I did have to buy some new small decor items, and the only new furniture items came from an Estate sale totaling $15, a little spray paint and some creativity go a long way!
Used my Cricut & Vinyl lettering for this!

 Well that is it! (for now, still need to paint those kitchen cabinets!) I do have some small items that I still want to make, but just haven't had the time, not sure where it goes, besides all the sitting around I have to do with my bum knee, I can't take all the credit, Hubby did all the manual labor here, I had the vision and put the details together, but he really did all of the major work for me, have I told you how WONDERFUL he is?

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