Tuesday, March 2, 2010

coffee table turned bench

Another great Estate sale find! Not as is of course!
This is sneak peak # 2 into my living room re-do. 
I knew immediately that this coffee table was the perfect size for a bench right below one of my windows.

 The first step was to cover it with fiber fill and batting for a nice even cushion. I stretched it over the edge and stapled to the bottom. Then I selected one of my fabric remnants that was the perfect size, no trimming necessary, but there were some stains on it, I am guessing that was why it was a remnant. So my SIL suggested to cover the stains with ribbon. I sewed on 5 pieces, and it worked perfectly! Painted the legs brown with some of my favorite rustoleum paint and it is done!

What do you think??
I did get all my new pieces in the room tonight and it is coming together nicely. Tomorrow will be the day for the finishing touches! Stay tuned!

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