Friday, March 12, 2010

some changes need to be made

 Do you ever sit down to start a project and decide that your space is wrong for what you are currently doing?
I have a GREAT craft room, it's big, its full of storage, and I have lots of counter space. Everything a girl could ask for. But the set up is all wrong, (again) It is something I have worked on over and over again. I tend to go in crafty spurts and right now, I sew, A LOT. But my room is more set up for paper crafting. SO I am at it again, making some small simple changes that should make my room much more conducive to all my current sewing projects.

I love my magnetic board, but it really doesn't serve a purpose. Other than holding some really cute photos, so it's coming down.

I love this counter, but it is always full of stuff, no room to work. Changes are coming, minor changes, but I am determined to make the best use of my space as I can! Stay tuned! This one wont take me long!

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