Sunday, May 9, 2010

A must have

Now you all know that I love photography, especially nature photos. I take a ton of them, and I don't think I do too bad. But yesterday I saw the most amazing nature photos ever. I was at a craft show, and my booth was next to his, so I got to stare at his work all day. it was stunning, it looked like paintings, not photos, almost 3 dimensional. There were many that I would love to have, however, they are printed on canvas, and they were a bit out of my price range. It wasn't until the end of the day when he was packing up that this one print caught my eye, he didn't have it out, no room on his display. I knew I had to have it. This photo does not do it justice, the yellow flowers look like they are coming right out of the print. 
I bought it having no idea where I would put it, until I walked in my front door. The photo in my entry way was a tree with a fence covered in snow, and I love it, but this would be perfect especially for spring and summer, although I can't imagine taking it down even in winter. So I go to work re-arranging things in my entry way. 

I added little touches of yellow throughout the decor I already had. I worked out perfectly! 

This is my newest scentsy bought, also bought yesterday, before the impulse buy of the photo. But it matches perfectly! Can you smell the new cucumber lime scentsy bar melting in that pot! 

This is what you now see when you walk in my front door! So now go check out Ryan Tischer Photography, you will never see anything like it!


Sarah said...

pretty picture! I think I have the same picture of the tree with fence and snow. hehe I love it too! I tried clicking the link for hte photographer and got an error though. I'd love to see more!

Christine ~ JAZ Creations said...

Oh that looks nice there! Don't you just love it when you see something and you know it is perfect!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

I love the pops of yellow. That is a great photo.

Missy Luukkonen said...

Thanks!!! I just fixed the link, try now!

Kerri said...

Wow! Black and yellow really look great together...who knew?! (you did!) :)