Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Weekends are for....

The flowers are blooming!!! 
I love this time of year! Warm nights, hot days, and lots of yard work!
We spent this last weekend fixing up the yard, seems like each spring we do another new project, I figure this way I will be ready for the Grad party I will be having Spring of 2013! 

We Planted our Garden! Lots of good veggies and herbs!

Zach did such a good job getting the corn in neat little rows!

I tended to my perennial garden, can't wait for this baby to be in full bloom! 

Can you smell the apple blossoms?

This is the front of the house, you can't see it from here but in the middle of the 2 shrubs on the right is a hydrangea tree, it will have green flowers! I cannot wait for it to bloom!

These are the new gardens we planted this year, my chairs worked perfectly in the middle! When the sun hits those tall shrubs, the leaves are bright red! 

Luckily for me, my mom owns a greenhouse, otherwise my yard would not look like this! If you live near Duluth be sure to go see her, you will not be disappointed! Suzies Greenhouse, Normanna Rd.

And how do I really know it is summer? Because this is where we always begin & end our weekends...

At the race tracks, both of my brother race stock cars. Both are so much fun to watch! 
So what do you do on your summer weekends?? 
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