Monday, May 3, 2010

The reveal

So here she is, my first official handmade purse designed by ME! That's right, the pattern is all my own, I have had a few ideas floating around in my head on what I wanted to make, and I have made some other purses patterns that I have purchased, which is fine, but I wanted my own design to do with as I please, no copyright laws to worry about! I Think I finally figure it out. I put pen to paper and started sketching. I had make a few adjustments, but I think I have it down now!  
There are 2 pockets on the outside, and a zippered inside pocket. It also has a magnetic snap at the top for easy opening and closing. The flower on the front is a pin, and can be removed. 
So what do you think? I am now trying to come up with a name. The only thing I have come up with so far is Pockets and Posies, any other ideas out there?? I want the name to be one that when you hear it, you know the bag must be adorable! I know all of you wonderful ladies must have some ideas for me!

Now keep your eyes on the look out in blog land. Do you know Miss Donna? She's funky, she's junky, and will be having a 2000 follower event very soon, and guess what, you can win this bag! I will be giving away the one with the flower pin, so be sure to watch Funky Junk Interiors this week for more details on how to win! 

Here are the other 2 that I have made so far. I will be busy sewing them the rest of the week to get ready for my craft show coming up on Saturday, after that is done, you can find them in my Etsy shop! 

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