Saturday, June 26, 2010

Junky Garden Accents

This is my perennial garden. I went a little crazy this year filling it with all sorts of flowers, when I planted this back in the middle of May, I thought it was going to be perfect.
My mom, who owns a greenhouse, said that it was a little crowded. She was RIGHT. Here it looks fine, but many of the plants were very small. 
So today we re-planted the entire thing. 
I started at Snowman Hill, and she has the cutest fence posts and told me I should use them to hold my peonies up, that got me thinking....

It worked so good, I bought one for the other corner. We took out all of the brick, got a load pf black dirst and got to work digging. I added some fun little pieces I also bought at snowman hill today, she has the best stuff!! 

Then I added some garden stuff that I stole from around my yard to finish it up, and now it looks like this! 

The apple tree is the only thing that was not already in this garden, can you believe that?? Now maybe some of my plants will actually grow! They all have plenty of room, and will get lots of sunlight, well if we ever see the sun again...
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