Monday, September 13, 2010

Ugly Chair

Why am I not better at taking before pictures??? Because this was quite a transformation! 
This chair was a very dark wood, and awful blue fabric and even uglier brass tacks, I think there were about 150 or more holding the fabric on! So you will have to envision the before, here is the after! 

First I spray painted the entire thing with 2 coats of rustoleum Heirloom white. Then I sanded her down with a heavy grit sandpaper, I wanted it to rally look worn.
I then applied Ralph lauren Smoke glaze, brush on, wipe off. I let it setting into the details before wiping off. That was it for the wood part. 
For the fabric, I simply used the old pieces to make my new ones, ironed the edges and the only part that actually needed sewing is the front, show below. I made piping and had to attach the 2 pieces together. 

The last part was the upholstery tacks, I simply took the ugly old brass ones, spray painted them rustoleum espresso and reapplied them, using maybe 1/2 of what was originally on the chair! 

I just love all of the old detail in this chair, you don't see that anymore! Thank you to my awesome SIL for spotting this baby at a garage sale and picking it up for me because she knew it had great potential!
It's perfect in my room! 

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