Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cookies

 This is the cook book I bought for my Christmas cookies this year. It is from the makers of Cooks Illustrated, they have some of the best recipes I have ever tried. So we decided to make some cookies from it.
 Nicholas ans Zach were very excited! First up, my favorite, snickerdoodles!!
 Nicholas is sorting the m&m's for our "bacon & eggs"

 Bacon & Eggs was something I heard about on a local radio station here. You need yellow M&m's, Almond bark & pretzel sticks. Melt the almond bark in a double boiler, while that is melting line up pretzels 2x2 on a piece of was paper like Nicholas is doing below.
 Once the almond bark has melted, drop by teaspoon full in the center of the pretzels, then add a yellow m&m to the center. Let cool.
 Bacon and Eggs!! Less is more with the almond bark, it is really sweet!!!
 Here we are making the marvelous chocolate mints, and yes they are marvelous!

 Mike's favorite, Peanut butter kisses!! Made with Dark and Milk chocolate.
I have one more to make, but I ran out of steam! 
Cherry Cheese Cake Cookies, the one ingredient that really stood out, 
20 TABLESPOONS of butter! The dough was delicious!!! More to come on those!

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