Thursday, December 30, 2010

Laundry room Reveal

 I have been wanting to re-paint my laundry room for quite some time now, and ever since we bought our front loaders last year, I have wanted them up on risers. Even for me, they are too low. So this week since I had the entire week off of work, I caught the re-decorating bug. My favorite kind of bug!!!
 Here is another before shot, oak cabinets, and an ugly shade of brownish/orange paint. UGH! No more!!    DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....

 My new shade, safari beige is a wonderful change! I wanted to hang a real chandelier in here, but the hubs would have been hitting his head on it for sure, so I settled for this wall one from Target! The shelf was from Zach's "before" room. Now look closely, the shelf is upside down! It wouldn't fit the other way, so I removed the 3 pegs from the bottom, now the top, and hung it upside down, and the part that prevented it from fitting is now under the cabinets!!
 I made a small valance for the door, hung some photos that I took, and used my cricut to make some other vinyl wall decor.

 I saw this on a web site, loved it!!
 The cabinets got some new paint, as well as the hardware, my new favorite Rustoleum color is London Grey!!

 And now for the best part, the built in risers that my uber talented hubby built for me!!
 3 spots below for our baskets, and now we can all reach the doors without having to practically kneel on the floor!

Loving the new laundry room, now if only it had a self folding and putting away option! :) 
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