Sunday, December 5, 2010

A perfectly beautiful tree

Mike and the kids went out to a tree farm yesterday and cut down our 2010 Holiday tree. The boys were so excited about their tree. We went out last night and bought some new lights, I thought (for some odd reason) that the C9 lights would be good on an indoor tree. I now know better for next year. You'll soon see why! 

 We got all the light up and realized that we didn't buy enough, so the kids were very mad that we could not finish decorating their tree. Today, Mike and Zach went and bought 2 more strands and we got them up. Now we could finally do the decorations.
 They worked very hard making sure to put every single ornament on the tree.
 NIcholas got the put the last one on the top!
 We are done!!! Yeah!
 This is positively the most beautiful tree we have ever had, ok I am joking. The lights are a bit much, and the tree is about to fall over from the weight of ALL of the ornaments, but the boys absolutely love it and think it is the best tree ever! So this will be our tree for 2010, and I couldn't be happier!
Happy Holidays! 


slommler said...

Gorgeous! And boy did they have fun decorating!!! Great pics!!!

Seams Inspired said...

Your boys certainly filled that tree with all their love and creativity. It's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your family with us. Happy Monday! :o)

LouAnne said...

I think it's beautiful!! :-) Great job decorating guys!!

Cara said...

When I was a little girl, my grandpa used to lift me up to the Holiday tree so that I can put the star on top. Now, I'm the one who does it to my brother's kids. I wish grandpa could still do that for his grandchildren, but he's now in assisted living (Pittsburgh area) residences. Fortunately, he gets to see them once in a while. We make sure that we visit the Pittsburgh retirement communities every chance we get. Of course, we don't want Christmas to pass by without seeing him.