Monday, December 27, 2010

Making a 5 year olds day!

Zach has been wanting to paint his room green for the last 6 months or so. I finally told him that durring Christmas break, we would re-do his room. He has picked out his fabric and told me exactly how he wanted his room. And the walls HAD to be Green, his favorite color. He did a great job choosing the shade of green. I love it! 
He also told me that in his room he wanted trees. We looked at vinyl trees and the ones he wanted were almost $100. So I told him that I could paint the trees, he insisted on birch trees, with owls and birds, and bird nests. So I got to work! 

 I free handed the trees using white paint and brushed the black on with a dry brush. Then I got out my cricut and began cutting the critters!! I used a hole punch for the whites of the eyes, and black paint for the center. I also painted on a beak!

 Here is hi wall full of tree's and critters, just like he wanted. Now it is time for more paint. The dresser was a freebie that just needed some new paint and hardware.

 So proud! He loves to help!!
 After more sewing, we were able to finish up his room!! The blanket and curtains are Riley Blake Hooty Hoot collection, my very favorite fabirc shop owner was kind enough to order this collection for me once Zach had picked it out! Thank you Janet of Hannah Johnson Fabrics!!! You are the best!!!

 He had to have a real tree inhis room too, and it has real brd nests in it!!

I have one more ting to make for his room, I will post it tomorrow!! 
Stay tuned this week, I also am re-doing my laundry room!!! I love Christmas break!! 

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