Sunday, January 22, 2012

Color Change

The plan was to repaint a small area in my kitchen. I wasn't really happy with the shade of brown and was in love with grey lately. So I bought a gallon of grey paint for an area that took maybe 1/4 of a quart! So I had all this paint left over. 
Downstairs I had 2 walls that had been a golden yellow color, which I always liked until recently I made a wreath and hung it up and decided that I no longer liked the golden yellow. My hubby loves it when I do this! 
Here it is. 
Blech! So since I had all the grey left I decided to make a change! 
I paint both walls grey, and once I started I could not paint fast enough. I was loving the grey!! 

 I had Mike hang a ladder on the wall to use as my new shelf.
 I made the 3 wood signs on the ladder, a tutorial will be coming soon!!

 Here is the same door shelf with my new wreath, it looks so much better I think!

 I made a new curtain, it is made from the same fabric as the wreath. I just love it!!!

Now I better get back to the kitchen, that I have since painted back to brown, just darker than what was there before. I will post more later!! Have a great Sunday! 

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