Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Wall Art

When I painted my bar area, I also decided that I needed some new decor. I did not want to spend any money so I only used stuff I had on hand. Once I decided to hang the ladder on the wall, I thought I would make some fun art to place on it. I started by using some wood that I had already painted and glazed. Next I selected the pictures that I wanted to use, re-sized them in photo shop to fit by boards and print onto regular copy paper. 
 Decide where they will be placed on the boards. Remove the pictures and cover the board with a coat of mod podge.

 Place the picture back on the board and add another coat of mod-podge over the picture to seal it. I used a brayer to help push out any air bubbles and to keep it smooth. Let dry.

 Next I grabbed a bunch of fun embellishments and played around until I knew what I wanted. I used hot glue to attach everything, and that's it. They took maybe 30 minutes to make, and cost $0.
 Here they are, all done! My bar area is coffee themed, so the photos I found-all on pinterest, were just perfect!

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