Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, Clean Space & some organizing tips!

After spending hours and hours in my craft room this season, I knew I had to get in there and do some serious purging! I spent way to much time "looking" for the right stuff and digging through bin after bin. This is what the room looked like Friday morning: 
And here is what is was by evening:
I spent time going through ever bin, drawer, box, basket and cupboard! I emptied 7 full size totes and found some new solutions to keep items close at hand and more visible.
1st thing was hooks. I added several hooks to the side of my island where I find myself standing and cutting most of the time. I always seem to set down the cutter and then I can't find it. 

This ruler did not have a hole to hang it so I used a binder clip from the office to attach it to the hook. 
Next up my scrapbook supplies, all now neatly in order in clear containers or baskets that slide out easily. 

 I have clear containers all over the room, here is my loose stamps, glitter ribbon, etc. All now easy to see what is where.
 Punches are all organized on kitchen towel rods from IKEA, super cheap there!!
 I have more thread than I like to admit, here is just some of it out that I use the most often, I think I may need to get another storage rack for it though!
 Fabric, I know many of you have seen this already, in fact this was my most viewed and pinned post of all time! I keep all of my fabric on mini bolts made from foam core, out where I can see what I have.
I did have a bin of fabric, most of it such tiny scraps I have no idea why I hung onto all of it. That is now gone. The original post is HERE, I show how to create the mini blots for fabric storage.

 Cricut machine and many cartridges! I have slowed down my purchasing though now that I have SCAL. That software has been great!
 Sweater scraps organized in clear bins by color, lace, ribbon, needle felting, etc. I now can see everything and grab the bin I need!
 My cutting table. I bought 2 more cutting mats and am now able to cover my entire counter with self healing mats. I plan to flip them all over and duct tape the back side to help keep them all together and eliminate the seams.

Now that my room is clean and organized I need to get in there and make something, but I don't want to mess it up!!! 
To find more great storage and organization tips look on pinterest, you will find a ton! Here is a link to one of my boards! 


Meghan said...

Can I come over & play?

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

I think I have said it before, but can I also come over and play?

SueAnn said...

Yes! You must organize a play date so we can all come over. Ha!!
Your room looks terrific!
I can see why you don't want to mess it up!
Happy 2012