Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another un-planned remodel

Clearly this is just how I roll. I buy something and it inspires a complete room makeover! 
The culprit: 
This adorable blue box. How cute for my island in my red kitchen. Right? Right! 
The longer that box sat on the island, the more I was over the red. Sounds like a long time, it was about 27 hours. 
So off to Home Depot I went! And the hubby came home to this: 
In the time I decided I was over the red, I also decided I was over the table and chairs. And I have always hated the faux wood trim and door. So we painted the trim, bought a new door, and a new dining set! 
All because of a $12 wooden box! I am so glad I bought that box! 

And then I made this clock. That's a entirely different post! More to come on that! 

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