Monday, August 11, 2014

Handmade wood signs

All summer I have been wanting to make some wood signs for an upcoming craft show I am in. Yesterday I was finally able to make some! I had painted all if them back in June, now it was time for words and the fun stuff!  
I tried my hand at mixed media art and love the result! 
I love adding in the elements of burlap, cotton, tin, wire and chipboard! So fun! 
I made a few little bird options so I have some variety at the show. 

I also did some that are all paint. I made stencils using my silhouette machine. 

The hardest part is deciding what they should say! This is one of my faves! 

One more combo sign, burlap heart and stenciled letters. 
What I love is I used mainly recycled items from the wood to the burlap. Even the tin for the birds is recycled. I will show you how to make those in an upcoming post!! 
I will leave you with one more for today! 
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Monday! 


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