Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tin birdies - a tutorial

Do you ever have an idea to make something, search all the craft stores high and low for the one thing you need only to find it's not out there? Sure you can order online but who wants to wait? 
Ok so I may be a little impatient, but I am even more excited that I made it myself! 
These sweet little birdies are made from a coke can! 
Now you can buy craft tin, but $4.00 for in little sheet is kinda crazy! 
What you need: 
an empty pop can
Tin snips 
Chalk paint
fiskars fuse bird die

First carefully cut the top off of a pop can, cut a slit down the side and cut off the bottom. This is sharp, if you have protective gloves wear them! 

Clean it up, wipe dry. 

Now for the fun part. Use your bird die 
Now here's a secret. I don't have the fuse cutting system. But you can use the dies with your other machines. I have the sizzix big shot. I had to make an extra shim with cardboard but it worked great! Use
 the plastic shim on the bottom, then place your die, tin, and enough cardboard or soft foam to get it through the machine firmly enough that it will emboss the tin. I used about 5. It depends on the thickness if the cardboard. 
Roll it through and that's it! You will have the cites little tin birdie! 
Now get out your chalk paint! I have been using Americana chalk paint. 
I love this paint. I get mine at Micheals and Home Depot! 
I used the ivory color. It make take 2-3 coats. Let it dry in between coats. 
Once dry distress as much as you want with fine sandpaper. 
Lastly apply the wax! I use the dark to give it a nice patina effect! That's it! Cute little tin birds made from pop cans! 

I made a few sets for my signs!! Good luck! And if you have any questions just ask! 


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