Wednesday, November 5, 2014

DIY holiday porch decor

I love fresh pine arrangements and this past weekend I spent some time putting some together! Halloween came down and Christmas went up!!
If I don't decorate early, I'm not able to. Soon I will be sew busy making stockings and tree skirts for my shop! So I have to do it when I have time, and I do really enjoy it! Makes me happy!
All but 2 of the pots I did myself. The others I bought from my friends over at West Tischer Cottage! 
I love to keep everything natural. Old skis, snowshoes, sleds and ice skates are some of my favorite pieces to use!! 
Here is one of the great pieces that was built by the girls at WTC! I just love it!! 

These arrangements are super easy to make. I did buy some fresh greens from The Home Depot. They have a great selection. I also bought some natural looking berries and pine ones from Hobby Lobby! Take any old or rustic looking container and just arrange your items until you like it. I don't use any dirt or filler in the bucket. Just stuff things in! They hold up great and look fresh all winter long! 

I use some white lights throughout the decor and the front of the porch and I just had to have these adorable burlap owls from The Home Depot!!! They are just too cute! 

Now we need a few inches of snow!! Yup I said it! The "s" word. snow!! Can't wait! 

I hope I have inspired you & some fresh pine arrangements!! 


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Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

I love the "s" word! And yummy smelling greens!