Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pinterest craft night- make your own snow globes.

Tonight the boys and I made some snow globes. They are all over Pinterest right now. I read a couple different tutorials and I'm here to tell you what works and what doesn't! I was having a panic attack when I thought I was having my first Pinterest fail moment! Then I realized the cause. So I'm here tonight to prevent you from having my same fear. 
1. No need for styrofoam. It's messy, glue melts it and it makes the water cloudy. 
2. Canning jars or old sauce jars are the way to go, jars without seals leak. Trust me. 
3. You need lots, I mean lots of glitter. 
4. Don't go crazy buying a ton of stuff to put in them. Unless you are using really large jars, not much fits on that lid. 

Now that you know what not to do, I'm going to show you step by step what to do! 
Here's what we are going for! A cute snow globe, it's inexpensive and the kids can help make it!
Jars- canning or some type of jar with a seal. 
Ornaments or figurines. Make sure they fit in the mouth of the jar and they are tall enough to see. 
Glycerin- cake supply aisle at Michaels
Distiller water 
Diamond dust and a chunky white glitter
Small pliers (if you bought ornaments you'll want to take out the eye screw.)
And a hot glue gun. You don't need any fancy epoxy or other glue hot glue works great! 
Step 1. Remove eye screw or hooks from ornament with pliers. 
Next use hot glue and apply to the base of the ornament. Press into the inside of the lid. Hold until the glue dries and its secure. 
Now let that sit a moment , fill your jar almost to the top with water. Add some glycerin. I didn't measure. I just dumped it in! Add lots of glitter! 
Now you are ready to add the lid with your ornament. Carefully add to the jar, it may spill if you have too much water. Screw lid on tight. Turn it over! Now if you need you can add more glitter and glycerin. If the glitter falls too fast you need more glycerin. Be sure to shake well! 
Now you can leave the bottom as is it add a ribbon or lace. I like how the lace made it look more like a real snow globe with a base! 
Simply add hot glue around the outside of the lid, and then apply your trim.
So there you have it! Very easy to do, and hopefull you can avoid the mistakes I made! 
They were fun and now the kids each have their own snow globe! They would make great gifts for the grand parents or teachers! 

Happy crafting!


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