Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tutorial time! How to really use your ruffler foot

There are some great tutorials out there on how to use your ruffler foot, but what I learned yesterday was mind blowing! You can use it to make ruffles and attached them to your item as you make them! All in one step! How did I not know this?
Because most rufflers do not come with any instructions! 
My ruffler broke and I had to get a new one. I actually read the info that came with it and so wish I would have know years ago about this little trick! 
Let me show you how to do it! 
First you need to attach the ruffler to your machine. 
Simply remove the existing foot. 

Place the fork arm over the needle clamp hub. Place the other arm over the pressed bar and use the screw to attach to the machine. Make sure it's righted with the screwdriver. 

Make sure your needle clears the hole in the ruffler. 
Now that it's attached you need to set it for the size ruffles you want. You will see a 1, 6, 12 and *. 1 will ruffle every stitch,6 is every 6 stitches and 12 is every 12 stitches. The star is a simple straight stitch. This allows you to sew a straight line without having to remove the foot.
I often use the 6 option. Next set the stitch  length in the machine. The smaller the number the deeper the ruffle. 

There is also a depth adjuster in the foot itself. You will need to play on some scrap fabric to get the desire ruffle depth.
Screw the depth adjuster clockwise for deeper ruffles.
Once you have decided how you want your ruffle you are ready to sew! 
Place the fabric to be ruffled under the ruffling blade first. 
Next place the fabric that you are attaching the ruffle to under the foot and lower the presser foot. 

I make sure that there is a slight overhang of the fabric the ruffle is attaching too so that I know it hasn't slipped to the side. You are ready to ruffle! Make sure you do not back stich. And that you use a straight stitch.
 Sew the entire ruffle in place. Once your done you may want to tack it on each end. That's it! You have just ruffled fabric and attached it to your item! 

Turn ruffle over and top stitch to finish! 
Beautiful ruffles and all in one easy step! 
You can buy a ruffler foot at most fabric stores or easily find them online!
Happy sewing!


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