Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spruce up your Windows!

So I just have to say that when I first saw the challenge for tonight's Saturday Night Special over at Funky Junk, I wasn't that excited about window treatments, most of my windows just have a valance and blinds, and to me they are very boring, but then I started thinking....and I am now super excited about my window treatments, I decorated them inside and out!!! Thanks again Donna for the inspiration and the great challenge!!!!

The Garland is little rusty bells!!
My kitchen window over the sink.
This is an old door with a window...I made it into a shelf!
Another old window that I use to decorate with...
And this is not a great picture, but it is a fabulous old window I got for 2 bucks at an estate sale, that I have hanging over my kitchen island. I love to change it up every season!


snowman hill said...

So cozy! I love the spruce tops and all the white lights! Now make a latte and sit down and enjoy your new decor!

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

I really like the door made into a shelf. Creative.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Oh Missy, you did a FAB job!! I adore the window over the sink arragenment, and I 2nd at how creative that shelf is. You sure got a jumpstart on Christmas!!

I have to tell you this. As I was browsing over your lovely windows, my 10 yr old son says, "Mom, those people there are FAMOUS." I look at him and he says, "Yeah.. well... you too..." LOL!!!

Enjoy your fame girl! :)

Thanks for linking up to SNS #4!

p.s. I wasn't entirely excited about the theme either as my windows are pretty humdrum. Guess that's why I NEEDED the party, eh? Happy to say, my head is pretty reeling with new things to try!

Funky Junk Donna

Sherri S said...

I love all your old windows!!! I have 2 myself. One in my living room is just the frame w/o the glass. My daughter wanted one for her room, found an OLD one at a yard sale for $1 several weeks ago. STILL need to hang it for her. She wants to leave it all chippy. Perfect! All your decorations are gorgeous!!!