Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brick & Maps

Part if this is a re-post form my son's bedroom re-do last year. We taped off and painted a wall in his room to look like brick. It took a lot of measuring and running tape, to make a Brick grid.

Once the grid was taped out, we had to cut off every other piece to make it look like bricks, not squares. Then we painted with red and sponged with several other colors to give it some depth. Once the painting was done, we removed the tape before the paint could dry, then you get nice clean lines! Here is the finished wall! I planed to decorate the room with vintage gas station signs, and cans. It turned out very cute, but over the last year Nicholas has really gotten into maps and globes too, so I decided to incorporate some of those into his room as well.
I had this old chair, some wood pieces that were old shelves, I think the were about 10 x 12, and an ugly dresser. So I rounded up the troops to do all the dirty work for me, The kids hauled, the hubby painted, and I did very little! I was able to sit and mod podge the drawers, then I took a nap, while the hubbs finished the rest for me. I had to be the "director" today, and did not like it one bit! I would much rather be the one doing the dirty work, but at least he was willing to do it all for me!

He cleaned Nicholas' room, and got everything put together! It turned out so cool, and now Nicholas has lots of maps to look at all over his room!

So I wonder what else I will think up while I sit here on my couch...

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