Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cute as a bug!

The kids each have a valentines party at school this week, and I hate buying the traditional valentines at the store, so I saw this great idea on a web site and made my own! All we had to do was to buy suckers.I had each of the boys stand with a clenched fist holding out their arm, Zach insisted on holding an actual candy cane, I knew that it would be covered up when I was done. Once I was happy with my pictures I digitally made cute cards, the one thing I would do different is move where I put Happy Valentines Day, it ends up being covered up! OPPS!

Next I printed out the cards 4 x 6 on plain white card stock, punched a hole above and below the fist to insert the sucker and poked the sucer through, tied a ribbon and they were done!
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