Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A celebration!

My Baby turned 5 today! We started the day out for coffee at Caribou, yes, he LOVES coffee, no worries I get him decaf! Then I took him to Michaels thinking I could get off cheap an let him pick out some little candies that he could put on a cake. Then he saw the sponge bob cake pan...and said Mama will you make me this cake...I can't say no, especially when he calls me Mama. So I bought everything to make the Sponge Bob cake. Decorating it took me 2 hours, my fingers and my teeth are pink, and I think I gained 10 lbs from all the frosting I ate.


He was very excited about his new fish! They were a huge hit!  
He also got some new mostertrucks, parts to his hotwheels track, and his very over kids digital camera!

He and Nichoals ate their cake without a fork, can you tell that they started with the shoes??

Happy Birthday little Zach! 

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