Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More appliqued pillows-FALL

 Well I was at it again tonight. After the kids went to bed I started to make some more pillows. I Loved the christmas tree one, but thought it is a little early, so decided to make some fall ones! This one my SIL gets credit for, she gave me the idea to make a tree.
 I appliqued on the tree base and each leave, followed by some fun decorstive stitching. Once I finished the tree I realized that it was as big as the burlap I was attaching it to, so I added a strip of leftover wool sweater to all 4 sides to make it a bit larger.
 Here it is with another one of the sweater owls that I have made!
 Here is a simple pumpkin pillow, the body is made from an old wool scarf. I just used felt for the face.
And one more, this is the same technique I used last night on the tree pillow. Fun for fall!! 

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