Monday, October 11, 2010

Recycled sweater pillow how to

I have been busy sewing and getting ready for my holiday craft shows, and my craft room is currently full of sweater scraps! So tonight I decided to use some of them for a new project. I appliqued a pillow. Here is how I did it.
First draw your design on to the paper side of lite weight heat-n-bond. Then label each piece of your design so that when you cut it apart you know where they go!! 

 Once you cut out your design on the heat-n-bond, then you may begin cutting out your fabric pieces. I used the applique pressing sheet to fuse the entire piece together. Build your project following your numbered diagram and then peel the paper off the back and iron together. Once you are done ironing, let cool and peel off the sheet.
 You can then take your design and apply it to your fabric, iron again to fully adhere to the burlap. It may take a little extra ironing with the wool sweater pieces.
 Now you can sew it on! I used several different decorative stitches that are on my machine, but a straight or zig zag stitch would look fine too. Trim threads and now you can sew the 2 pillow pieces together, turn and stuff. Stitch the opening shut, and you are done!!

 Here it is with one of my matching owls, the wings are made from some of the same scraps!

Now available in my Etsy shop! Thanks for looking!
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