Saturday, January 1, 2011


This is going to be my new motto for the upcoming year!! 

I am not making resolutions, they don't work for me.
But I am going to re-think some things I do throughout the year & simplify!

I have already started this past week while on vacation. 
Many rooms have been cleaned out. I still have some closets left to do. 
The storage room has been re-organized for much easier access.

I am going to USE the things I have been "collecting" in my craft room before going out and buying more.
I am going to keep my ETSY shop current and full, but thinking about the items I make and the "need/want" there is for them. Rather than making 10 of 1 thing because I like it, I am going to start with less and go from there. 
Before going out and buying things I want, I am going to see what I currently have that will work first, or can my hubby build whatever it is I have decided I need?? He is very handy! 
I am going to eat better and workout more. 
I am going to learn to SAVE. 
I am going to stop procrastinating. 

These are some of my goals for 2011, what are you planning to do? 
Do you make resolutions, do they work for you? 


Kim said...

that's my word this year too! I need to clean out my basket & pile & box of 'projects' :)

Melissa said...

Sounds similar to my objectives...especially the destashing and reusing aspects.

That One Girl said...

Oh golly! I wrote mine today as well! I like yours tho! I wish I knew how to get all the JUNK out of our house! LOL
I have about 19 billion t-shirts and about 4 "nice" shirts. I would really like to start dressing better instead of just t-shirt and jeans all of the time. :-/
I'm starting my own candle shop on Etsy, so that's going to be something that I have to budget time for! So another that I didn't put down on my blog would be better time management!!

raggygirlvintage said...

Hmmm, it's good to actually quantify your goals in writing isn't it. I am going to take January as a "no pressure" month to get organised and sort closets, papers etc. At least that's the plan!

slommler said...

Love your list!! Simplify is a terrific word for the New Year!! I like it!!
Cleaning out and re-organizing is my goal this year too. Especially in my studio!! Yikes!
Use and re-use is also a wonderful goal. I will have to remember this for myself!!
I tend to get an new idea and go out and buy what I "think" I need. I must think of what I have on hand first and go from there.
Thanks for the inspiration!!
Happy New Year and God bless hun,

Seams Inspired said...

Sew every day is my goal. Resolutions...meh. They don't work for me either. Kinda like setting myself up for failure when I make them.

Love your list and looking forward to reading your posts in 2011. Happy New Year!

Hi, I'm Suz!! said...

Missy - thank you for writing my goals down for me!! Oh - - WAIT!!! That's YOUR list!!! I don't have an etsy shop {yet}, but everything else fits me to a T!!

I love 'simplify' but my word around the house?? BELIEVE That word has gotten me through a lot.

Hugs ~~ Suz