Saturday, January 1, 2011


This is going to be my new motto for the upcoming year!! 

I am not making resolutions, they don't work for me.
But I am going to re-think some things I do throughout the year & simplify!

I have already started this past week while on vacation. 
Many rooms have been cleaned out. I still have some closets left to do. 
The storage room has been re-organized for much easier access.

I am going to USE the things I have been "collecting" in my craft room before going out and buying more.
I am going to keep my ETSY shop current and full, but thinking about the items I make and the "need/want" there is for them. Rather than making 10 of 1 thing because I like it, I am going to start with less and go from there. 
Before going out and buying things I want, I am going to see what I currently have that will work first, or can my hubby build whatever it is I have decided I need?? He is very handy! 
I am going to eat better and workout more. 
I am going to learn to SAVE. 
I am going to stop procrastinating. 

These are some of my goals for 2011, what are you planning to do? 
Do you make resolutions, do they work for you? 

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