Saturday, January 17, 2015

DIY oversized ironing board

I don't know about you but craft projects and a standard size ironing board don't work too well! There is never enough room! So I made one and I'm going to show you how! It's very easy! 
Here is the shopping list: 
3/4" plywood cut to size
Metal wall anchors 
Heavy duty shelf brackets 
Old sheet or plain fabric 
Fabric for cover

The great news is you really only need a stapler and screw gun to do this! 
Home Depot sells many sizes of plywood pre cut and if they don't have what you need they will cut it for you! I would use at least 3/4" thick wood. 
You will also need heavy duty shelf brackets and metal screw anchors if you're not going into wall studs. Don't bother with the plastic ones! 
Measure and attach your brackets to the wall. We made sure to go right into studs! 
My board is 6 ft long so we used 4 shelf brackets. 
Next add the batting ( I used 2 layers) to the top & sides of the board. Simply lay it on top and fold over the sides. Secure it to the under side using a stapler. 
Next I add a fabric layer. I used an old sheet. I also cut so it will cover the top and wrap around the edges. 
Pull this layer nice and tight as you staple. Place the board on the brackets and screw in place from the underside. Now it's time to make the cover!
Pick a fabric that you love but know, it will get dirty and eventually if it's like mine, ruined from glues and adhesives! 
I cut mine approx 4" long and wider than the board. 
I marked the corned with a fabric pen to use as a guide to see the elastic in place. 
Use scissors to round the corner before you see the elastic in place. 
See elastic into all 4 corners and it's done!! 

Now it's time to go to Amazon and get a Teflon ironing May to use when I'm working with heat n bond! 😉
Iblove having this Ironing board it's crazy for all my projects and even better for long items like table cloths and curtains! 
Happy sewing! 

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