Thursday, January 15, 2015

Get organized for 2015!

There is something to the new year and an overwhelming feeling to clean, purge and re-organize! This year has been no exception for me! After the holidays, my craft room needs a serious deep cleaning! I try to stay organized as I go, but when things get crazy, that is the first thing to go for me!
I love my craft room, it is my happy place. When I walk in usually I feel inspired! I don't know if this year was different because I had been there so much or if my neutral room was just too neutral.
I have an amazing space but It was lacking some color! 
I had been thinking about new curtains, and then last week I found this:

Have you picked up this amazing new magazine yet? After I read it cover to cover I was so inspired! So first I cleaned and organized a ton!
And then I shopped like it was my job!!
I found the most amazing pieces!
Target dollar spot, amazing finds!

Just a smudge of what I found at Hobby Lobby, now that store is dangerous!

And a sneak peak as to where I am going! I can tell you now that I walk into this room and immediately feel inspired and happy! Color adds so much to a space. More to come this week, just a few final touches left and I can do a complete room reveal!

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