Monday, August 2, 2010

A dream, an Idea & a dumpster

Shed= Lots of junk stored inside, not the stuff you fix up for fun, but the crap you don't want to deal with so you throw it in there and close the door. 

Close it, QUICK! 

Then comes along a dream, an idea, and a dumpster. 

I love to be crafty and make all kinds of stuff. I have been in a few craft shows, I have even held a sale or two in my home. A shop of my own would be great, but never really thought I could do it. 
I have a great friend who just made her dream a reality this spring and built a beautiful new shop to have her sales in. She asked me if I would like to be a part of this months "shop hop" her and a bunch of other super talented ladies in the area are having an August shop hop, and I just couldn't justify tearing my house apart & disrupting my family for 3 days, so I had to say no, as much as I would have loved to join in the fun.
And then one day it came to me, the light bulb came on big and bright.
We ordered the dumpster, and within a couple of days we turned the crap shed into my future shop! 

My hubby added a window, one from the side of the road. Then he sprayed the entire inside white, using leftover paint and primer from the house. 

I kept telling him that I was not going to spend money on this project! 
So I was digging through the left overs from our old house, and found the perfect piece of railing, and an old plank from the kids old play set.
A few red accents, and the outside is all set! 
So far I have soent nothing!!! 

The little Green Bean will be open for business August 20 & 21 9-5
Stay tuned for sneak peaks inside as I get it ready! 
My shop will consist mainly of my handmade bags, totes, wood crafts, burlap goodies, and some other fun one of a kind items!!! 

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