Thursday, August 19, 2010

Painted area rug

Remeber in my last post I said that something was missing?? 
Donna, you guessed it! it needs something on the floor, so I painted an area rug.

Use FROG tape, to mark off the area you want to paint, and begin with the first color.

Once dry, tape again with the next design, I went simple here, not enough time to go too crazy!

Now paint with the next color.

I remove the tape before it dries, no risk of having the paint peel up! 

Now I have a neat little area rug! The great thing about this one is I just have to sweep it to keep it clean!

Much better!! 

Now here are a few more pictures before I open tomorrow.

Here is the check out counter that my wonderful hubby built for me. The top is an old wood door, and the sides and front is from the crib my boys slept in! 

Now lets hope for a nice 2 days, no rain! 
I wish you all could come to my sale, but I know that is not possible, so stay tuned here Saturday night! 
I am finally going to update my ETSY site, there will be lots of gooides for you to choose from! 

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