Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bag of surprises

So during my recent streak of treasure hunting, I have been picking up miscellaneous bags of sewing supplies and notions. If it looked interesting I would grab it and not really give it a second thought. It was a gallon size ziploc bag of who knows what for a buck, I really couldn't go wrong. I happen to have 3 now, all from different sales, and I have yet to go through them, until tonight! 
Imagine my delight when I dumped these babies out!!! 

So now I have dumped and sorted, and look at all of this,

I have about 30 pack of rick rack, most are unopened, and every color you could imagine. Look at the vintage labels 
And then I found theses little things, at first I thought they were some type of little dowel,

And then I realized that one had something inside, the tops came right off. 

What a great idea!!! And these needles, so heavy duty! I think they could sew through anything, I wonder if they will fit in my machine? 

Scissors, still sharp! 

What have you found while out hunting for treasures??? 

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