Thursday, January 6, 2011

Raq Quilt Tutorial Part 2

Are you ready to start sewing?? Well it is time! 
Grab your 1st stacks, 1 f & 1 b.
 You want to place a piece of batting in between your pieces, wrong sides together, you will be sewing your X on the outside.
 want a little tip?? Get a walking foot. It makes this process go so much smoother.
 Now place your square under your walking foot and sew corner to corner to make an X. Do this for each set of squares for row 1. Make sure to keep them in the right order.

 Now you will take your 1st set of squares, and 2nd set, place them back to back and sew them together leaving an inch seam allowance. Add each set of squares all the way down until you have completed your 1st row. My thought is to complete all of your X's, then sew that row together, then you wont mix up any of your pieces.
 Here is the 1st row! Now time to finish the rest of my squares and rows, and can put it all together.
The last 2 steps will be clipping, and washing. Stay tuned!! 

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