Thursday, January 13, 2011

Missions Acomplished!

Charging station is hung and in working order! Couldn't wait for the hubs to hang it anymore, so I hung it myself! 
I love that it is right next to my desk, and everything has a place. 

 New lined tote bag with matching mini purse, done! I have had this fabric since before Christmas and wasn't sure what to make with it, so I decided a new tote was in order! The fabric is momo by moda, from Hannah Johnson's of course! The bag is lined with fabric and pockets inside and there is a layer of batting inside so it can be used for my laptop if needed!
 I love all the coordinating fabrics!

 This is what got me, the owl of course!!
 And the rag quilt is done!!! Washed and dried and ready to curl up in.

Now it is time to make a birthday feast, my oldest is 16 today! Wow, how time flies!! 
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