Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun Kitchen Accesories

So today I was working on some fun projects for my ETSY shop and came up with this cute little kitchen set. There is a ruffled towel, a set of 4 place mats, and a pot holder! Here is how I did it! 
 1st, the place mats, I used recycled coffee bean bags for the actual mat, and sergered the edge to keep it from fraying. I then used my cricut to cut my owls. You can cut fabric with your cricut by simply applying heat n bond to the back side, place fabric side down, and cut!! I hand cut the tree branch's and applied them with heat n bond as well! I glued on black buttons for the eyes.

Next up, the ruffled flour sack towel. Before I applied the ruffles I used my cricut again to cut my shape, but this time onto freezer paper. Iron the freezer paper to your fabric to use as a stencil. Paint your shape and let dry. The freezer paper will simply peel off. Once dry you can add your accents. Next I applied the ruffle. 

I cut 3 long strips of fabric and ran them through my machine using my ruffler foot. It makes the best ruffles!! I attached each one to the towel starting at the bottom. When I got to the top ruffle I applied a row of boas tape to finish off the edge. Above that I stitched on a row of pink ric rak. 
Lastly the HOT MITT! This is a oven mitt / hot pad. I began by making my own bias tape to finish the edge of the mitt. I used my bias tape maker by clover, slick little tool! The mitt has 2 layers of batting inside the main mitt, and  layer on the top that goes over your hand.
It is basically a hot pad with 2 pockets on the back. The entire mitt is quilted and has a ribbon loop to hang! 
Now your hand will be covered when you reach into the oven, no more burning your hand on the racks!! 

I used basic grey fabric for my entire project, I can not get enough of it!!! What fun additions for any kitchen!

Now I am participating in CRAFTING WITH THE STARS season 2, and I need your help!!! 

Between now and January 15, they will be accepting entires, and will choose the top 12 projects!  So if you like my stuff, please stop by sew dang cute and take a look!!! 

Thanks for stopping!

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