Sunday, January 9, 2011

Big Changes for 2011

I have been dying to clean and re-organize my closet, but I was waiting for 1 key thing, to hear on weather or not I was going to get the new job I had been interviewing for. I have a lot of "banker" clothes and knew that if I were to get this new job, I would need to "retire" several things in my wardrobe. Well I heard back this week, and YES I got a new job and could not be more excited!!! I will now be working for Maurices Corporate Office in the Visual Merchandising department. It will allow me to be creative at work, and I really feel like this could be the best job ever. I have never been this excited about a job ever in my life. So this weekend was time to re-organize some things around the house, starting with my clothes!!! 
 Here it is, and I had so much I was even invading the side behind the door! Now I know, and those of you that know me also know that since I am again working in retail, it will not take me long, to creep back over, but for now it is so much better!!

 After I tackled that one I was inspired to keep going, I don't know how all these hidden spaces get so messy! This is a drawer in my bathroom.

 It drove me nuts everyday this has all my makeup and things in there that I use everyday. I decided the drawer  needed dividers. I went out into the garage and cut some left over bead board. But 2 pieces 9 3/4, by 3 1/2. I also cut 4 pieces 4 x 3 1/2. Got out my trusty gorilla glue and glued it in place.

 I proped some books in the back to give it pressure while it dried.
And now things are much better! 
Just had to share!! I was inspired to organize from my pal Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors, she is having a party all about organization so if you need some great ideas stop by and visit her!! 

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