Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Charging Station like no other!

This day and age almost everyone I know, has a ton of different gadgets. From IPhones, Kindles, I Pods, blue tooth, cameras, Blackberry's, you name it, it needs to be charged almost daily. I decided to create some type of charging station, we have at lest 5 of these items that go on a charger each day and it seems like there are chargers everywhere on our house. But no ordinary station would do. It starts with this old door. It is 4.5 ft tall and about 16 inches wide. 

I gathered my misc "junk" from my stash and started to lay it all out. 
 Once I knew where each item was going to go, I drilled the holes with paddle bits. Most of the holes are 7/8 of an inch wide.
 Next I grabbed my trusty gorilla glue to help re-enforce an old sewing table drawer, this was going to be the compartment that hides the cords. There were already groves inside the door, so I just cut a piece of leftover plywood to make the cover.

 Here is the basket to hold all the gadgets!
 Next I took some old pages of sheet music and used my Mod Podge to attach them to the middle of the door.
 Added some fun junky embellishments...

 Some old wood checkers....
 The perfect Kindle Holder!
Ready to see the whole thing?? 

 Hidden compartment, door easily slide open if you need to remove any chargers!
 No more ugly cords everywhere!

 I love the old hardware, left it on just for looks.
 Some fun old wood spools I found this fall.

 And here is where it will go, hopefully we can hang it tomorrow, it weighs a ton, so I am gonna let the hubs hang it properly!!

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