Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rag Quilt Part 3-In the home strech!!

Well today I finished the sewing portion of my quilt! Whew! The hardest part was making sure I kept the pieces in order!
 Once I finished making all the X's, I the pieces to make each row, and then sewed the rows together.
 This is the back side.

 Now for the part I have heard is the worst, clipping all of the seams! But I got the spring loaded scissors so it shouldnt be too bad, I hope!! This will be a "sitting and watching TV job" so I hope to have the finished product early next week to show. That will be after I take it to the laundry mat to wash it, I also heard, that is one thing you dont want to do at home!!
Happy Snipping!! 

To see the complete tutorial you can view step one HERE. and step 2 HERE.
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