Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Riley Blake Flannel Rag Quilt Tutorial Part 1

When I saw this adorable Riley Blake Fabric a couple of weeks ago out at Hannah Johnson's, I knew I had to make more than just my flannel pants out of it. I fell in love with the entire collection! So I decided to make a rag quilt from it. I have never made one before, but knew it wouldn't be too hard. I looked and looked for a good tutorial, but had some trouble finding one that really gave me all the directions. I am making an adult size quilt, many of the patterns are for children. So I am going to do my best to lay it all out for anyone else that would like to make one! 

My quilt will be 60 x 72 once it is finished. 
You will need 6 yards of flannel fabric for the entire quilt. I had 6 different fabrics. 
You will also need quilt batting, a full size roll should do.

Cut squares 7x7. You will need 240 squares of flannel, 120 for each side. You will also need 120 squares of batting cut to 6x6. 

Now once you get all of your squares and batting cut, it is time to lay it out and decide how you want it to look. 

 I played around a little with it so it was exactly how I wanted it. Once I laid out the front, I did the same for the back. I kept each row in it's own individual pile so once I begin sewing I will know what goes with what! This is where it could get confusing if you don't pay attention!
I labeled each pile with the row number and an f or b for Front and Back.
 Here is all my fabric ready to go. Tomorrow I will begin sewing. To start you take the 1st piece from row 1 front, the 1st piece from row 1 back, sandwich a piece of batting between the 2 wrong sides of fabric ( you will sew on the right side) and sew an X through the square. That will be 120 batting, flannel, X sandwiches! I will post more pictures tomorrow!! This was just to get you started!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2!! 

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slommler said...

Love the fabric and the quilt is going to be fabulous! Thanks for the tutorial as well. Perfect!