Sunday, January 2, 2011

DIY DVD Bookcase

I have this problem, we have DVD's & Wii games here there and everywhere. There is no real good place for all of them. They never get put back in their cases and the kids have them every where! I looked online for a media cabinet and I could not find one I liked that would hold the amount of DVD's we have, and the ones that would work were over $300! In sticking to my word of the year, Simplify, rather than running around from store to store to buy something,  I got to work on a plan. 

I sketched a plan for the bookcase I wanted. My hubby looked it over and made his adjustments. 
He said that he would build it for me, he has some fun new tools that he wanted to try out! We had enough scrap wood in the garage to make it!!! Mike built the box and routered the sides for each shelf. They are 6 deep by 20 wide. 

 Then he added MDF to the back, some decorative trim to the front, and that is it!!! It is perfect

 We primed it and added 2 coats of black paint.

 We now have a complete library for our movies and games!!
 The kids think that since there is more room on the shelf, that we need to buy more games!

This shelf will hold over 200 movies and games, and cost less than $50!! 
Need for a media cabinet-SIMPLIFIED!!!! 


marisa said...

Great idea! We had to resort to some we found at Ikea. They are great but this would've been a good project for the hubs! Hmm..maybe I can sneak in a request still.

BabiesandBargains said...

love the shelf...I am a major friends fanatic and giggled when I saw all the dvd cases we have as well :)

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

Great idea! I want to get a CD notebook/case to put all of my DVDs in rather than keeping them in the plastic cases. No one ever puts them back in the cases around here anyway. ;)

Amanda G said...

Love the looks great. And love your choice in movies..I have MANY of the ones I can read in the one photo. :)

slommler said...

Great idea and wonderful case. He did a fabulous job!!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Great job!!